Drug Delivery Device Components

A complete resource for drug delivery component manufacturing and logistics. Drug delivery devices comprise one of the most rapidly growing segments of the medical device manufacturing market. Substantial R&D efforts are being focused on new drug formulations and the most appropriate designs for the drug delivery mechanisms. Good designs, however, do not automatically ensure that these devices can be assembled consistently with near zero rejects. Beyond good design and well-conceived assembly systems there is a critical need for a component management process that provides on-time delivery of interrelated components that not only meet specifications but also have tolerance bands aligned […]

Anatomy of a (Fast) Surgical Instrument Makeover

As a business of Precision Engineered Products, Boston Endo-Surgical Technologies (BE-ST) has access to a depth of PEP engineering resources that allow us to take on unique medical device manufacturing opportunities. We add value to these projects through design for manufacturability, manufacturing process optimization, and leveraging our proprietary expertise for shortening the development time to get your product to market faster. A case in point is our recent experience helping a customer develop a new, single-use disposable surgical device intended to replace a stainless steel tool. Our customer was reluctant to divert a large internal development team to this project; […]