PEP BE-ST produce and market reusable and disposable surgical devices for use in arthroscopic, spinal, and general orthopedic surgery.

We believe in a fundamental tenet: proper research and engineering results in better and more innovative products.

As such, the Boston Endo-Surgical Technologies legacy includes contribution to many ‘firsts’ in the field of arthroscopy.

We’ve continued to apply this principle as our business has evolved to focus on other instruments for complicated procedures on the spine, including advanced electrosurgical devices… and as we’ve developed market-leading authority in the areas of packaging, sterilization and validation.

Our teams comprise engineers with deep expertise in the areas of design, quality, and manufacturing, and a history of collaborating with surgeons to produce products that precisely meet their needs.

This means you can count on PEP BE-ST for OEM devices that exactly suit your requirements.